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1 in 4 UK employees are searching for jobs during their lunch breaks

New research reveals that 1 in 4 employees are searching for jobs during their lunch breaks.

New research from the recruitment Giant reed.co.uk has revealed that one in four UK workers are ditching lunch dates with colleagues, and are instead looking for their next role during their lunch break. Check out how Reed are reviewed on Reviewedo.

The Reed research found that it was more common for the younger generations to be applying for new jobs while sitting at their current desk. 33% of workers ages between 22 and 35 admitted to applying for jobs while sitting at their desk. However, 58% of the workers over the age of 55 look for jobs once they get home from work.

The marketing director at Reed, Mark Rhodes, commented: “For most of us, our mobiles are never too far from reach, so it’s not surprising that we often turn to our phones to check out new jobs - even at our desks.”

The research from Reed illustrated that the main reasons for workers looking for a new job is a better salary (41%), a fresh start (31%) and wanting to work for another company (23%).

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