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5 types of people you are most likely to meet in every workplace

Work stereotypes couldn’t be any truer and here at Reviewedo we’ve seen it all before. EVERY workplace has specific characters and we’ve identified the top 5.

1. The person who always wants to go out

With a liver made from metals only found in the deepest cores of the earth, this colleague is always up for a drink or eight. From lunchtime up until 5pm they are itching for a drink and pretty much pressuring everyone into coming out for one too. Whether it’s a sunny Friday or a wet Monday, “coming for a quick one?” is the phrase you’ll hear he or she say the most near the back end of the day. So you oblige. I mean- what’s the worst that can happen with just one drink before catching the 17:58 from Cannon St station? Before you know it, one drink turns into 4, which turns into 8, which turns into missing the last train, which then turns into being turfed out the venue by the bar management at 3am. It all escalated so quickly. However, don’t you worry- he/she will live to tell the tale the next day in the office while nursing the hangover from hell. Give it till after lunch you look over to your desk and the office alcoholic is back up and operating (this is the best definition of getting second wind). Then it’s 4:30pm and you hear those famous words once again … “anyone coming for a quick one?”…

2. The person that barely socialises outside of work

The complete opposite to the person above. Work friends are work friends… nothing more. We would even use the term “friend” very loosely in this instance with this type of colleague as they see their work colleagues as merely just acquaintances. The office alcoholic never gives up though. Always asking this type of colleague if they “fancy a quick one?” and the responses they get are more and more creative every week. I mean, there’s only so many times you can use “I’ve made dinner plans with some friends, sorry!” as an excuse. The only social event you will see this member of staff is if it’s compulsory or if it is the Christmas do. By compulsory we mean events such as team building days- and even though this is a paid day out of the office- this colleague still never manages to crack a smile all day. Also, the Christmas do? You can take the shortest betting odds that by midnight, this type of colleague will be frantically scrolling up and down his/her iPhone wondering why the Uber ordered 15 minutes ago is taking so long to arrive.

3. The person that is the Manager’s pet

Being this colleague comes a lot of hate from every member of the team. Barring one. And funnily it is the most important one- the manager. This colleague will go completely out of his way to ensure the Manager has everything and anything they need. From coffees to lunch pick ups, this colleague will go leaps and bounds above expectations to make sure he/she is in the Manager’s good books. You may be sitting down reading this thinking “Hmmm I don’t think there is anybody like this in our office” but believe us, there is. Some are just better at hiding it than others. In return, what does the Manager’s pet get? Well you wouldn’t know, because it’s all backhanded and “under the table”. Now we aren’t saying anything illegal goes on here. Not at all, we know that all companies act with great morals and ethics these days…. but what we are saying is that when you sit there wondering how the Manager’s pet has billed quite a lot this month, remember this post!

4. The person who is the Golden boy/girl

Now this should not be confused with the Manager’s pet at these two types of colleagues are very different. The golden boy/girl is loved by all- the managers as he/she is performing at the highest level and the rest of the staff as he/she is just such a nice person. With this colleague you can expect Employee of the Month awards to go to him/her 13 times a year. We know what you’re thinking, there’s only 12 months in a year? Well they will still find a way of getting an extra one, don’t you worry about that. This colleague is the shining example of how everyone should be and sadly, we all know it too. Oh and of course, you can bet your life savings that every member of the opposite sex in the office occasionally drools over this colleague. It’s a hard life aye.

5. The person that is always organising cards

We saw this the other day while browsing the internet and it couldn’t be truer. This type of colleague is the one who will shuffle over to your desk with the card tucked in his/her jacket as if it’s a high security MI5 mission. Then proceed by saying “Janet has just had a baby! Pop a message here with your name and pass it on along the desk”. Do you know who Janet is? Nope but of course you must congratulate Janet on her bouncing baby boy because everyone else in the office has. From illnesses, to new borns, to promotions to engagements- you know for a fact that this colleague has a card for every occasion and needs your scribble. Every now and again this colleague ventures out from cards and asks for money to buy a gift. He/she coming over to your desk with an empty tin of Quality Streets, rattling the tin with coins in your direction is enough for you to lose all composure and throw a fiver in. All you can hope is that he/she is still at the company when it’s your birthday so you get a gift too!

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