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8 of the most annoying phrases people use in work emails

Emails are the lifeblood of pretty much every working person out there, and the etiquette surrounding email communication is entrenched in nuance.

From finding the right balance between friendly, yet professional, to signing off in the appropriate manner, and finding the best way to ask someone to do something for the 5th time can all be a difficult task.

A survey which was carried out by the software company, Adobe, has revealed the most irritating phrases people use in emails to their colleagues, you will most certainly be family with a few.

Number 1:

“Not sure if you saw my last email”

Number 2:

“per my last email”

Number 3:

“per out conversation”

Number 4:

“Any updates on this?”

Number 5:

“Sorry for the double email”

Are we seeing a theme here??

Number 6:

“Blue sky thinking”

Number 7:

“we’re on a journey”

Number 8:

“game changer”

I’m sure you all have seen some of the above, but emails are an incredibly important tool in the working environment. Saying the wrong thing in an email may contribute to damaging a relationship, or may spoil your chance at closing the deal, and ultimately negatively impact your productivity.

So choose carefully!

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