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Are CV red flags deal breakers?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Natasha Bowman, a LinkedIn influencer, has shared her thoughts on CV’s. In Natasha’s viral post on LinkedIn, she claims that those who typically don’t get a shot are those who tend to thrive in the workplace. This has led to hundreds of other LinkedIn members weighing in on the subject- let’s dive a bit deeper.

As you can see in the above, Natasha has all the classics in this viral LinkedIn post. She has hired someone who is over 60, with four kids, with no degree and even with typos on their CV! The generic feedback on the post and those that have shared the post, agree with Natasha.

People have been sharing their own personal experiences on when they were rejected due to their own CV’s having red flags on. But as recruiters, either internal or agency, how are you supposed to determine a suitable candidate without a CV? The answer is, you aren’t.

CVs and resumes are often the first step in the recruitment process to determine whether a candidate is potentially suitable for the hiring manager or end client. Although age, whether they have kids or not, or any other factor shouldn’t be a massive red flag and a deal breaker, the CV holds significant weight as to whether the candidate makes it through to the next stage. So in essence, we would argue that CV red flags are more often than not, deal breakers. A CV should reflect what the person has achieved in their career which is in relation to the job that they are applying for, not the generic job.

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