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How to Improve your Personal and Company's Recruitment Brand

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

If you want to stand out from the other 115,000 recruiters in the UK, or from the 40,000 recruitment agencies in the UK then it is vital you showcase your brand exposure. A strong personal and company brand can help you attract the best candidates, build relationships with the best clients and put you in a position where you are considered a thought leader in your space.

Use social media (including LinkedIn), but be consistent

Probably the most obvious to improve your brand exposure as the majority of people are on social media. It is a great place to connect and collaborate with your following. Posting engaging and content that is valuable to your following is the first step, however, the real challenge is finding content that is consistently valuable and engaging. People are less engaged than ever due to the never ending amount of content available online to scroll through, so you need to be consistently providing valuable content to their timelines and news feeds.

Dig a bit deeper: Instagram for recruitment?

Take a look at what other thought leaders are doing in your industry, what are they writing about, what type of content are they producing, is it visual, is it written, is it questions or is it statistics? There is a massive amount of content you can produce- just make sure you are consistent and offer value to your followers. Test out different types of content, see what reaction you are getting and iterate to improve the engagement rate. With everything, you need to be tracking analytics to avoid the guess work.

Start an industry podcast

Podcasts have taken off in the last few years, with nearly 6 million adults now tuning in each week. The number of weekly podcast listeners has doubled in five years, from 3.2 million to over 6 million people! I have seen a lot of very specific podcasts begin to emerge in the last few years, so specific that I can’t imagine they are getting a large amount of listeners, but these specific podcasts are likely propelling the podcasts hosts to becoming a real thought leader in their particular industries. Recruitment has seen a massive increase in the number of recruitment specific podcasts in recent years, such as Recruitment On The Go, Recruiting Future, The Talent Cast and many more.

Obviously creating your own podcast is a massive amount of effort, and unless you plan and execute the plan well the odds are against you. However, if you think there is a gap for your voice to be heard then a podcast could be a great way for you to extend your brand reach. Alternatively if you haven’t got the time or resources to invest heavily into your own podcast channel, you could try and do a circuit on the already established recruitment podcasts as a guest on the shows.

Showcase your reputation with reviews

It is more than likely that you have read a review online that has impacted your decision making. Whether it is booking a hotel on Trust Pilot, or buying an everyday item on Amazon. Reviews have changed the way we make decisions, and you can harness this change in the decision making process to your advantage. By getting your candidates and hiring managers to share their reviews on you, and your company you can truly show that you are an expert in your field.

For example, if you specialise in the technology field and you have hundreds of top quality reviews from software developers, this will bode very well when trying to bring new clients on and getting candidates to work with you exclusively.

Need more convincing? 10 statistics proving the power of reviews

By now, you must be convinced that reviews will undoubtedly increase your brand exposure and showcase that you are an expert in your area of expertise. To showcase your reputation on Reviewedo, all you need to do is follow this link and let’s work together to build your brand.

Publish articles and blogs elsewhere

Having your own personal or company blog is great, but in order to gain more exposure you may want to look into posting your work on other platforms and communities. The most obvious would be LinkedIn, with LinkedIn you are probably going to reach the most amount of people. However, writing guest blogs and articles for smaller blogs and platforms may increase your knowledge of a particular area. For example, writing a blog for an umbrella companies blog regarding IR35 and what it means for your candidates and clients would really put you as a knowledgeable person in what matters most for the people that puts money in your pocket.

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