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Is money the main motivator?

“Money makes the world go around” is the saying but then conversely, we have “money can’t buy you happiness” as another saying. It is a HUGE factor as to why people work and let’s be honest- the more of it the better right? However, is it the number one factor when searching for jobs? Here at Reviewedo we are going to take a deep look into other factors you should look at when searching for a job.

Company culture

When you get a new job, the intention for most people is to stay at the company and to progress year on year until you’re the CEO sitting in 50ft x 50ft office overlooking the River Thames. Well we may have got a bit ahead of ourselves there, but you get what we mean… the main aim is to progress at the company over a long period of time. For this to occur you need to feel comfortable with the company culture. Google is a perfect example. The Googleplex (what they like to call the Google offices) is often said to look more like an adult playground rather than a place of work. With areas such as a “nap pod” (yes you read right), it is hard to disagree. Google strongly believe that having a relaxed and happy environment will bring the best out of their staff and you can’t argue with their results so far.

Firm ethics

A lot of the time, money and ethics do not go hand in hand. A prime example of this would be the Oscar-nominated 2013 film of the “Wolf of Wall Street”. This film (based on the true story of Jordan Belfort) played out a money driven stockbroker who sold worthless shares to the unknowing public. Of course, earning multi millions in the process. He put money above the ethics of his actions to get there. If the firm’s ethics are below standard- then how long until it all goes wrong like Jordan Belfort? All good things come end, don’t they? Conversely you have occupations such as nurses who are not on the highest salaries however their role in society and the service they provide is valued by nation. The morals and ethics attached to a nursing role is sky high, but the wage packet does not correlate. We are not saying this ethics/salary trade-off is for all jobs however it is unfortunately becoming very common.

Work/life balance

I’m sure those of you living in London can relate. You drive past Canary Wharf and see the odd few lights of offices in the Citi group building still on at 11pm with human silhouettes bashing away at their keyboards. Then you think to yourself “glad that isn’t me”. Those employees potentially have a work/life imbalance. We use the word ‘potentially’ as maybe they just see work as life so in the employee’s eyes their balance is perfectly fine? Who knows. However, one thing is for sure- getting the right balance is key. This is why two key questions in many modern interview processes are- “What do you get up to outside of work and how do you destress?”. Employers want to make sure they are not hiring a ticking time bomb while having a good work-life balance also makes the employee perform to the highest level when at work.


There’s nothing better than being appreciated for your efforts and being rewarded with a stronger role of power within the company- in the form of a promotion. 9 times out of 10 this also comes with a pay increase so it’s a win/win. Promotions are notably key in developing your skills and enhancing your CV. It is general consensus among employers that seeing on a CV that a candidate has stayed at the same role for over 24 months can implicate a lack of ambition/drive. So applying for a role where there is a clear pathway to the top is important. Having somebody in the office who has taken this exact pathway of back to back promotions is also very handy as it shows it is not a fabricated myth in order to motivate employees to work hard-it is actually possible.

Each person has their own preferences, so some may value some of these factors above the others mentioned. Do whatever makes you happy! Looking for a new job? Check out the top rated recruitment agencies on www.reviewedo.com now

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