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New report claims UK firms are looking abroad to source the top tech talent

According to research conducted by Velocity Global, over half of UK businesses that are in the tech sector said that their plans to hire and their plans to expand are driven by a desire to hire top talent from international markets.

The report from Velocity Global, showed that a massive 52% of UK tech firms are looking further afield to hire the top tech talent. The report supports the evidence that there is a significant skills shortage within the tech sector in the UK, which is well reported on. As shown below, the percentage of companies reporting a problematic shortage in cyber security professionals is also on the up, then it's no wonder companies are looking further afield to recruit the top tech talent.

However, recruiting top talent from other countries can often be a very difficult task for employers and recruitment agencies. The report states that 4 in 10 see managing employee immigration as their top ‘headache’. With factors such as visas, housing, different tax laws and many more, it is no surprise that it can be incredibly difficult. However, finding a good recruitment agency who can support you on this big move can often be an uphill battle. Check out this review from a Reviewedo community member which highlights the importance of a good recruitment agency when migrating to a different country for work.

Despite the issues raised by the report, recruitment agencies seem ambitious. 93% of those surveyed said that the tech businesses that they work with are looking to expand overseas. Ben Wright the CEO of Velocity Global said this:

“The research paints a vivid picture of the global ambitions of UK tech and, importantly, shows the crucial role HR leaders have to play in helping the sector prosper in new international markets,” 
“Many have therefore concluded that by expanding globally into the world’s leading tech markets, they can gain access to pools of talent they would otherwise be unable to tap. This is where HR leaders become integral to the future growth of their companies,”

As Ben states, recruitment agencies and staffing services are integral to the future growth of the clients, particularly when obtaining and getting the top talent from abroad. As a recruitment agency you need to showcase your reputation of obtaining top talent, domestically and abroad, to obtain those clients who are expanding internationally. Begin by getting reviews on Reviewedo and start to highlight your reputation today.

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