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New Report shows that the Employers Brand is the priority for Jobseekers

Branding is so important, with our own personal brands on social media such as LinkedIn where we show ourselves as the ultimate professional, or Instagram were we are world travellers. But not only our personal brands, the companies' we work for and how their branding reflects our own personal brand. In this world where branding is so important, a new report has shown that for the majority of jobseekers, the employers brand is the priority concern before applying for jobs.

Wonderful Workplaces, which is an employer branding agency, has surveyed 841 candidates across multiple sectors to uncover key insights about jobs and careers, and gauging their perceptions around topical issues, and by gaining an improved recruiting and career experience.

Its not surprise that the report showed the importance of highlighting company culture and benefits to attract top talent. But the report shows a massive number of candidates that consider the employers brand when applying for jobs.

In fact, 94% of candidates would consider an employers branding when applying for jobs, which is up 4% from 2016 and 45% of passive job seekers would apply for a job if it was to work for an amazing brand.

How does this translate to the recruitment industry?

When recruitment agencies are recruiting for themselves they need to seriously consider their brand, but they also need to consider their own brand image when they are recruiting for their clients. How do recruitment agencies set themselves a part?

Read the below articles to dig a bit deeper:

Jennifer Jackson, from Wonderful Workplaces commented:

“The explosion of content and social media has meant that employers have to be ever more creative in how they target prospective employees, whether it be looking outside their sectors or specialisms, or focusing on transferable skills rather than a restrictive person specification."

Jennifer went on to say...

“Frustratingly, many companies are still continuing to miss out on attracting the right talent, in many cases because they’re failing to communicate their values effectively.”

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