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Recruiters named among the least trusted professions in the UK

New research by CV-Library has shown that recruiters are among the top 10 least trusted professions in the UK!

It is no big secret that recruiters are not very well trusted and often put in the same category as estate agents and telesales professionals, I even once saw a comparison drawn from recruiters to PPI sales people! No disrespect is intended to those professions, but I for one don’t believe this is justified. But why do recruiters get such a bad rap? Before we get into that, let’s check out the top 10 professions on CV Library’s list. There is no surprise that some professions are there, like politicians (with Brexit going on), bankers and estate agents.

1. Politicians (78.1per cent)

2. Journalists (37.7per cent)

3. Car salesmen (27.4per cent)

4. Telesales (23.6per cent)

5. Bankers (22.8per cent)

6. Paparazzi (21.6per cent)

7. Estate agents (14.6per cent)

8. Recruiters (13.6per cent)

9. Lawyer (8.7per cent)

10. Bailiffs (6.7per cent)

Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of the CV-Library said:

“It also appears to be a common theme that sales-driven occupations, such as car sales, telesales, estate agents and recruiters are largely disliked."

Despite this, we think it runs deeper than that. The recruitment industry has seen a significant increase in the number of recruitment agencies registered in the UK, since 2014 there has been nearly an additional 7,000 firms registered taking the total amount to nearly 40,000 recruitment agencies.

With such an increase, and as far as we can see, not a significant increase in the amount of jobs recruiters are recruiting for the new recruitment agencies are fighting for the same jobs.

With the increased competition, recruitment agencies are neglecting the service of the candidate and hiring manager. Typically the service falls short with regards to communication, or a lack of knowledge in the industry. Here are a couple of positive reviews on Reviewedo which highlight a few takeaways to build trust.

Want to dig a bit deeper and build more trust:

Despite recruiters getting a bad rap, the recruitment industry isn’t going away anytime soon. At Reviewedo we want to improve the recruitment industry for everyone involved. We want to deliver clarity to the recruitment industry and showcase the best recruiters so that candidates and hiring managers can build relationships with those and start build lasting relationships with trust.

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