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5 ways to get more reviews on Reviewedo

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

In our previous blog we outlined how to create a recruiter account and how to start seeing the benefits of online reviews for recruiters. In this short blog, we will give you five tips on how to get more recruitment reviews.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask

We all know that recruitment has a negative stigma attached to it, something that we want to change, but in the meantime don’t be afraid, because if you believe in the service you are providing to your customers and clients, then why would you not ask?

The best way to get reviews is to ask personally. If you as a recruiter ask every candidate you place, and every hiring manager that you assist with their hiring needs you will have an online presence on Reviewedo in no time at all. And as the majority of recruitment is done online now, make sure you’re asking for a review as soon as you close the deal.

2. Make it easy for your candidates and clients to leave you reviews

It is very easy to leave a review on Reviewedo, but to make it easier we have widgets and buttons you can put at the bottom of your emails, links you can send which take them straight to your profile or widgets you can put on your website.

We have plenty of customisable designs for your business, check out our example here.

Interested in this? Just email us quickly and we can work together to build a design that is in line with your branding.


3. Send email or SMS invitations

As we are currently in beta stage, we don’t have CRM integration partnerships just yet. But it couldn’t be easier to send emails and texts to get reviews from your clients and candidates. Its important to remind them how much their opinion matters to your business, why you care about their feedback and why you are asking them for feedback. Remember, everyone is busy and you have to remember what is in it for them. They may not necessarily care about you growing your presence online, but they may care about giving you feedback if you have built a good relationship with them during the recruitment process.

The best thing to do is ask every customer for feedback, we get that you only want 5 star reviews, but honest and genuine feedback from all of your customers will showcase the service you are providing. Informal emails or messages are best practice, you know that in recruitment you will have some sort of relationship with either the candidate or client, so best thing to do is do a tailored approach for each review.

4. Send a reminder

When you are doing your aftercare, checking in with your candidate at the job you placed them in just give them a gentle reminder to write them a review. If they are enjoying their job, and you have provided them with a great service the majority of people will be willing to write a review. The same goes for hiring managers, if you placed a great candidate into their teams and provided a great service. Don’t forget to ask why you’re asking for a review, for example; “it’s great for us to improve the service we provide, and great for other clients and candidates.”

5. Find ways to engage with your customers online

Recruitment as you know, is incredibly overcrowded. There are now over 270,000 recruitment companies globally, and between 2008 and 2018, the number of agencies in the UK nearly doubled from 25,000 to over 40,000.

As recruiters, you need to establish your foothold and grow your online brand so that you can gain new business and attract better candidates.

There are plenty of ways to engage with potential customers online, and one of them ways is to use a review site like Reviewedo.

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