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Recruitment reviews 101: How To Get More Reviews

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Since our launch of our beta platform a lot of recruitment companies and consultants have shown an interest in harnessing the power of recruitment reviews on Reviewedo.

With 92% of people reading reviews, and displaying reviews increasing conversion rates by 270%, you would be mad to not want to use reviews to grow your personal business and the companies. Not only are online reviews so powerful, Reviewedo is a completely free to use recruitment reviews platform, for recruitment companies and recruiters - don’t be put off by it being free, there will be a paid version in the not too distant future. Aaaand, collecting recruitment reviews couldn’t be easier!

Want to find out more about online reviews? Dig a bit deeper:

It all sounds too good to be true right? Well, at Reviewedo we believe that a good recruitment consultant is worth their weight in gold and we want to put a spotlight on some of the best recruiters out there. So that clients and candidates have more information and data to make better decisions for their careers and businesses.

Here’s our Review of the Week from last week which we put out on our LinkedIn which puts a spotlight on a great bit of recruitment.

As mentioned previously, it couldn’t be easier to start collecting reviews for your recruitment business on Reviewedo.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create your very own free Reviewedo recruitment consultant account. Don’t worry if your company isn’t on Reviewedo yet, we will create a Reviewedo recruitment company profile for you in no time. Make sure you check your spam folder if it doesn't come through straight away.

2. Update your profile picture, and your header picture. If you have any technical issues with this, please don’t hesitate to contact us on hello@reviewedo.com

3. Now it’s time to get for you to start growing your presence on Reviewedo to boost your online presence.

Luckily recruitment is a relationship-led business, so I am sure that you as the reader could easily go and speak to your best clients and candidates to get some fantastic reviews, but if you need a few tips on how to get more reviews then check out the below:

Want a few more tips on how to get recruitment reviews?

But if you are ready to start collecting reviews and grow your recruitment business, then join today.

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