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Reviewedo’s top 3 reasons why AI won’t replace humans in recruitment

Artificial intelligence is making leaps and bounds in disrupting a wide range of industries over the world, from artificial intelligence in healthcare to finance and banking. However, artificial intelligence has only just started to take baby steps to have an impact on the recruitment industry. In this short blog in part three of our artificial intelligence series, we are going to explore our top 3 reasons as to why artificial intelligence will not replace humans in recruitment…despite some people’s claims!

1. The search for talent

Day to day recruitment consultants spend a significant time of their day matching candidates with roles, whether it is searching on LinkedIn, on job boards or getting referrals. Artificial intelligence can and does claim to automate this process to reduce the amount of time spent matching candidates to jobs. However, how can a machine outperform an experienced recruitment consultant? How can a bit of code truly understand the deeper wants and needs of a hiring manager? How can a bit of code analyse a candidates personality to match them to the clients team? There are so many considerations when putting a candidate forward, and at the moment we truly believe that a machine cannot outperform an experienced and quality recruitment agency.

2. Understanding what the client and candidate really want

We touched upon this above, as you all know that when it comes to what the client wants, sometimes it is not written in black and white on a job spec. You have to dig deep into what the hiring managers truly want. The same principle applies to candidates, what the candidate says they want maybe something completely different to what they actually want. Where artificial intelligence is slacking is that a complex artificial intelligence systems cannot get face to face with a hiring manager or a candidate and truly dig deep into their personality, understand their personal life and what they truly desire all in order to offer the best recruitment service.

3. A relationship based business

Recruitment is one of the final industries that is still, in my eyes, a relationship led business. Building positive, professional and lasting relationships in recruitment is invaluable for you as a recruitment consultant and your recruitment agency. Artificial Intelligence software cannot offer this service to recruitment agencies, period. Your favourite candidate and hiring managers want to be your friend, not chat to a robot… We will eat our hat if this day ever comes.

Recognise - not replace

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence is powerful stuff, but as listed above we don’t believe artificial intelligence will replace humans in recruitment; however we do believe that if recruitment agencies do not recognise the power of artificial intelligence and adapt then they will be at risk of being left behind.

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