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Robert Walters reports a record quarter as Europe drives growth

Robert Walters, one of the UK's largest recruitment companies has reported a record period for the fourth quarter in 2018. Reporting a net fee income of £102.3m, which is up 13% year-on-year.

Robert Walters has reported a record fourth quarter for 2018, posting a Net Free Income increase of 13% year-on-year and generating a Net Free Income of £102.3m.

The top UK firm have stated that this growth has been driven by the Asia Pacific and European business performance.

"Our Asia Pacific and European businesses delivered standout performances with these regions now accounting for 66% of global net fee income."

The Chief Executive Officer, Robert Walters, also stated that "The group delivered another strong set of quarterly results, increasing net fee income by 13% year-on-year"

A few more numbers

In Asia-Pacific, the Robert Walters group's Net Fee Income rose 19% to £40m, and Robert Walters' European and UK branches grew 22% to £27.6m and 2% to £26.8m respectively.

The firm Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Mainland China delivered the strongest growth in the Asia Pacific region, all increasing net fee income in excess of 25%.

And in Europe; Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands all increased net fee income in excess of 25%.

Meanwhile here in London, growth was strongest in technology and financial services.

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