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The Launch of a New Review Process

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

As you are probably aware, Reviewedo is in its very early stages. As we approach the end of our soft launch phase, we can assure you that we have tested, tested and tested to provide a platform that provides value to each and every one of our community members. During this phase we have learnt a lot from working professionals who have reviewed recruiters and recruitment companies. We have also taken a lot from the recruitment consultants and recruitment companies who plan on using Reviewedo to harness the power of reviews to showcase their reputations.

We are fortunate enough to have had plenty of feedback from all of our community members, and one of the most common areas of feedback we have received is the reviewing process. We originally had a basic reviewing process where reviewers could write free text, and provide a star rating based on Professionalism, Communication, Relevance, Knowledge and Efficiency.

The new review process goes more in depth, and this is based on our community members feedback. The Head of Marketing for a premium fashion brand stated to us “it would be really interesting and insightful for me as a hiring manager to see how the reviewer used the recruiter and whether they were a hiring manager or a candidate as this could impact my decision.”

A recruitment company owner said

“finding out what went well, and sometimes more importantly, what went wrong is really beneficial for us so we can continue to improve the candidate and client experience.”

Providing a more in depth reviewing process allows us to provide increased value to both the working professionals who use recruiters, and the recruitment companies themselves. The new review structure provides more balance and therefore

making a greater positive impact on the recruitment industry for everyone involved.

If you have any more feedback for us at Reviewedo then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you are a recruiter and feel as if you could benefit from gaining reviews to showcase your reputation then get in touch today hello@reviewedo.com

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