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TIMING is key when looking for a job

We know exactly how it is. You leave university- liver worse for wear and a couple stones heavier and then what next?

We know exactly how it is. You leave university- liver worse for wear and a couple stones heavier. What next? The society expects you to get a job straight away so the pressure looms on you. You’ve got a 2:1 (like pretty much everyone else), you’re a fairly nice person with a bit of work experience here and there- this should be a doddle surely? Absolutely not. You whack your details into every jobsite under the moon to get the ball rolling then it really begins. You get a barrage of phone calls and emails from recruitment consultants promising you the world. When we say the world, we mean the WORLD.

Well 9 times out of 10, the world is never delivered. Your dream job is rarely ever sourced and there is a massive disparity between what you want & what you’re being offered. Despite your reluctance, the brash recruiter on the phone, who could sell ice to an eskimo, convinces you that this is the best opportunity for your CV. It’s a headache we have all faced/ you will face and this is the problem with the recruitment industry. It’s a bloodthirsty numbers industry where to a vast majority your future career path is really only seen as a set of figures on the billings board in the recruitment office. This is why you need to make sure you are dealing with the right recruitment agency for YOU!

Something that is key to stress to every graduate looking for a job is to TAKE YOUR TIME! We know that life post university can be expensive and you want to start making money straight away. However, there's nothing worse than being in a job you don't really enjoy- and that's what will happen if you just jump at the first offer from your recruiter. The best recruitment firms will find you exactly what you are looking for, the poorer firms will attempt to push you into roles to get their targets hit for the month.

We'll give you an example of why timing is so key through this quick story...

We know of a candidate who left university and was struggling for cash so needed a job straight away. Also she didn't ideally want to live at home anymore after 3 years living alone at university so this was extra motivation to get a job as soon as possible. So she rolled up her sleeves and dived straight into the job market. She wanted to go into Marketing as that was what her degree was in so she began actively searching for jobs in that industry. After getting in touch with a few recruitment companies that "specialise" in Marketing roles, she was unexpectedly convinced to broaden her horizon and look into admin roles to gain "work experience" first. After a lot of reluctance she applied for a couple admin roles and was called up for a face to face interview. It went well and she got the job. Now fast forward another couple of weeks, she received an email from one of the biggest marketing firms in the UK asking if she was still available for an immediate interview for a role at the firm. The email explained that her CV was exactly what they were looking for so a telephone interview was not needed and she would be fast-tracked for a face to face interview as a formality. Now because of the two week notice clause in her contract in admin role she hastily took, she could not accept the interview as the marketing company needed the role filled straight away. This is why timing is so important. It's not about finding a job, it's about finding the right job.

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