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When is the busiest time for IT contractors?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Is there a particular time of the year that is traditionally busy for IT contract recruitment? Like the best farmers know when to plant and when to harvest, the best contractors know when to to look for work and when to be in a long-term contract.

As we shared a couple of weeks ago on our LinkedIn page, 85% of contract placements were for 12 weeks, and 45% were for 6 months. This means that there is always an end of quarter ‘crunch’ - where agencies are frantically trying to extend the contracted period of place the finishing contractor elsewhere.

But when does this occur throughout the year?

Well, research has shown that his normally occurs at the end of March, June, September and December. Obviously, March coincides with the end of the tax year, more often than not, this is the end of the company’s trading year. December is a funny one, in the sense that clients and hiring managers often inform the recruitment agencies that they will extend to the end of the year. The smartest agencies will try and extend until January, as we all know how difficult it is to land a deal in December when everything shuts down for Christmas.

To the same affect, IT contractors and IT contract recruiters are affected by the Summer slowdown. In this period, the world and its partner goes on holiday during the school holidays and as a result, the recruitment process slows down. Interviews are not organised and CV’s are not sent over.

Dig a little deeper:

So when are the busiest months for hiring IT contractors?

The most buoyant months of the year are January, fresh from the Christmas break and ready to smash the new year goals, and normally during April and May. This is when new budgets are released, projects are re-assessed and projects are started.

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