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why does the world hate recruiters? can we change that at reviewedo?

For one reason or another, recruitment consultants and recruitment agencies have a bad reputation. It can be very frustrating for the recruitment agencies and recruitment consultants who work hard, develop good relationships with candidates and clients and receive positive feedback like below, just to have a cowboy recruiter bring the profession down.

At Reviewedo we want to explore why candidates hate recruiters, and why there is such a negative stigma surrounding the recruitment industry. Luckily for us, we have a pool of feedback from hiring managers and candidates who have left genuine feedback on the recruiters they have worked with. Secondly, we want to change that stigma surrounding the recruitment industry and showcase the best recruiters out there so that the working professionals who use recruiters can make the best decisions possible.

Bit harsh? Maybe, but it does confirm the negative stigma surrounding the recruitment industry. As Reviewedo progresses into the go-to platform for recruitment we want to showcase the best recruiters who deserve to be put on a pedestal.

Let’s dive straight in, what are the common issues?

“…I’ve sent plenty of emails for the recruiter to ask feedback and she never replied…”

Probably the most common complaint shared by candidates. There’s probably nothing more frustrating for a candidate and being contacted about a role, discussing the role with the recruiter, mulling it over with your friends and family as to whether it is right for you, then you receive the great news that you are being put forward, you interview…and then you never hear from the recruiter again.

We understand that the recruitment process can take time due to a range of factors, whether it is the hiring manager being slow, or the budget evaporating or the job spec has changed due to a change from the end client. However, none of the above are a valid excuse for a lack of communication throughout the recruitment process. Obviously some candidates expect feedback straight away which may not be feasible, however, difficult candidates is part of the job of a recruiter and something which can be easily managed by a solid line of communication.

"Keeping a good stream of communication is essential to being a good recruiter and building good relationships."

The recruiters who are doing this will never learn unless they are getting the feedback they need to improve the service that they provide. You can help improve the recruitment industry by writing a quick review on Reviewedo, whether it is positive or negative, join the community and make a positive impact today.

“Overly generic job advertisements for roles that almost certainly don't exist…”

This one may need a bit of explaining, essentially what the recruiter is doing here is phishing. Either posting fake job adverts to obtain CV’s and data on the candidates, or as this review goes on to say, fishing for leads and names within the reviewers team. Obviously posting job advertisements for roles which don’t exist isn’t acceptable, it is wasting the time of all of the candidates whom are applying to the job. If a recruiter needs to do this to gain more leads they need to improve their relationship building skills.

As a recruiter if you are doing this and are caught out, it is a sure fire way to tarnish any relationship you have built with candidates and hiring managers who catch you out. It is best to build relationships with your candidates and hiring managers and over time you will be able to retract more information form them to further your business.

“…they clearly didn’t understand what I done and what industry I was working in…”

We get it, some recruiters work on the basis that the more CV’s they send the more chance they have to land a deal. It is a recruitment practice which is heavily used in the industry, particularly when you have a quota to fill. However, this point boils down to the recruiter not listening and not truly having an understanding of what they are recruiting for. We have seen countless reviews on Reviewedo where unhappy candidates are expressing their frustration when they continuously get sent jobs which have absolutely no relevance to what they are working as and what industry or projects they are currently working on.

Now this point isn’t a relationship breaker if, as a recruiter, you can learn. This is part of the benefit from Reviewedo, every review that we get we want to provide value to all of the key stakeholders within the recruitment lifecycle. For example, if you own a recruitment company and you are getting top grade reviews from your candidates and hiring managers, however, the feedback you are getting is a lower score in the knowledge and relevance star rating then this is something which you can work on as a recruitment company.

Our review process is built on a 5 point star reviewing scale, with knowledge of industry and relevance of the job being two of them. This is to provide data and feedback to the recruitment agencies and owners of recruitment firms so that they can improve their recruitment firm and therefore making a positive impact on the recruitment industry as a whole.

We have identified a couple of pain points from the perspective of the candidate, and hopefully as a recruiter reading this you don't adopt these kind of practices.

Part of our goal at Reviewedo is to provide value to each of our community members on every review that you leave, in order for our reviews to provide value they need to be balanced and be a true reflection of your experience. The more detail and information reviewers provide, the more likely we can make a positive impact on the recruitment industry. Join the community today and make a positive impact on the recruitment industry by writing a review.

If you are a recruitment company or a recruitment consultant and you believe you can benefit from positive reviews from your candidates and clients then get in contact today. You can create both an individual recruiter profile to build and grow your own brand and a company Reviewedo profile to showcase the companies reputation.

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